Thursday, 27 June 2013

GTA San Andreas Game Full Version Free Download


Download Here.Grand Theft Auto is an open world action adventurous game and fifth in the series of GTA games by rockstar North after GTA Vice City.Game feature include advance features as compared to GTA Vice city.Entire state of San Andreas is included in this amazing game means three complete metropolitan huge cities each and every city connected with beautiful countrysides,clubs,cafe's,racing arena's,GYM,mountains and riversCities including Los Santos a fictional version of los angeles,San fierro referring San Francisco and in the last beautiful La venturra representing Las Vegas.....Infact the whole story revolves around a black gang member Carl CJ johnson(my favourite).So CJ got to go back to his home and to his hood where he grew up,leaving Los santos.In his hood his mother has been killed and faily has fallen apart and his all childhood friends are all heading toward disaster.On the return of CJ some curropt cops framed him on murder charge.So CJ is forced to that journey which is to take the entire state of San Andreas to save his family ,hood and to take back the control of his streets.(Action begin's).....

: Game play include controllin and fighting with gang(gang war) and different mission which vary in places and structure and also beautifully designed.Including racing cars ,tanks ,Helicoptors,fighter planes,bikes,stuntting cycles and bikes,ships,artillary,latest guns ,dirt missions,and my favourite thing JETPACK to fly to any place and even can
shoot while flying.Game is not only restricted to mission but You can do wahtever you can build a good body in GYM,can drive a texi and can earn some money,can enjoy driving on long clean roads,and can have a romantic relations with female characters hehe.....can ask them to go out on exotic palces for dinner and can prent them ....and MUCH MORE.............

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