Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Windows 7 Activator Genuine in One Click Free Download

                                                      itisactivator.rar | 3.96 MB


 The best thing to do is not to download the KB971033 update.
But if u already updated it and the system said that it is not genuine,
Just run the removeWAT, and it will return back to normal.

Just Follow these easy steps to get your windows 7 genuine.

1. Download Windows 7 activator.

2. Extract the downloaded file and access the extracted folder.

3. Find Windows_7_Activator.exe and double click on it.

4. A new window will be prompted and now wait...

5. You don't need to touch your keyboard or mouse of your
computer. Just wait and after few seconds, you computer will be restarted.

6. After restarted you see that your Windows 7 is a genuine activate Windows7

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